Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

PCI Product Training
Monday, April 16

In Focus Conference
Tuesday, April 17 – Thursday, April 19


Join us in sunny Newport Beach to discover all the latest software solutions from PCI.  Hear presentations from fellow customers and PCI experts as well as senior ISO/RTO representatives.


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The In Focus Conference allows PCI’s valued customers the opportunity to come together and share experiences, insights and know-how on transformational events and trends shaping markets as well as the systems required to participate successfully in them.  Insightful, timely presentations from PCI experts, clients and ISO representatives deliver a wealth of valuable information.  Among the topics showcased in Newport Beach will be:



  • 44+ Customer Experience Presentations
  • CAISO EIM Lessons Learned
  • Mountain West RTO Update
  • Mexico (MEM) Market Update
  • FERC Order 825 Impacts
  • 5-Minute Settlement Update
  • ISO Representative Market Panel Discussions
  • PCI Platform Overview
  • PCI Product Roadmap
  • PCI Product Training Update
  • PCI Product Roundtables
  • Deep Dives on PCI Solutions:
    • Market Systems (Scheduling, ETRM, Deal Management)
    • Gas Management
    • Energy Accounting
    • Contract Settlements
    • Transmission Operations
    • Optimization
    • Asset Operations & Outage Management
    • Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
    • Post Analytics & Reporting




All PCI In Focus 2018 sessions, presentations and their corresponding times are subject to change. PCI will notify any affected attendees of modifications to the agenda.



PCI Product Training Agenda

There will be 30-minute breaks starting at 10am and 3pm

  • 7:00AM

    7:00AM - 8:00AM


  • 8:00AM

    8:00AM - 12:00AM



    This class will present an overview of PCI’s GenTrader optimization platform along with concepts, techniques and applications.

    PCI ETRM (Power & Gas)

    This course will cover the capabilities of the PCI ETRM suite to:

    • Manage bilateral deals: Deal capture, mark-to market, counterparty credit, and contract settlement.
    • Manage gas purchases: Forecasting gas burns, capturing gas deals, making pipeline reservations, managing gas positions, validating invoices, and paying gas invoices.

    Managing Merchant & BA Workflows in the CAISO Energy Imbalance Market (EIM)

    This course will discuss how the PCI’s EIM Suite can be used to support the complete Bid-to-Bill workflow for both Merchant and BA groups in CAISO EIM.  Included will be deep dives on:

    • Merchant workflow:  PCI will showcase how to derive hourly balanced schedules, create Unit Energy Bids and submit balanced schedules to CAISO.
    • BA workflow: PCI will illustrate how to submit balanced schedules, monitor results of CAISO sufficiency tests, and update tie lines.
    • Settlement workflow:  PCI will cover the full settlement workflow and explain how to validate key EIM charge codes.

    Energy Accounting

    PCI experts will explain how to utilize our Energy Accounting solution to import and validate meter data for resources, tie lines and loads.  They will also cover the need for maintaining 5-minute meter data for generating resources to support FERC Order 825.

    Front Office (ISO markets)

    Front-Office Business Users:
    This course provides hands-on training on how to use PCI Front Office tools including:

    • Bid Formulator to submit unit offers for DA & RT markets
    • Demand bidding
    • Position Management to track energy, A/S (and fuel) positions and monitor DA/RT P&L

    PCI GenManager Administration

    This course provides training on best practices for support of PCI GenManager.  It will make use of existing functionality with a focus on simplifying workflows and maintenance. The main topics covered will be:

    • Creating and scheduling ISO Communication tasks
    • Managing bidding strategies and Strategy Templates
    • Calculation Template scripting
  • 12:00AM

    12:00AM - 1:00PM


  • 1:00PM

    1:00PM - 5:00PM

    IT High Availability and Security

    Hands-on training for System Administrators will cover configuring both security for PCI’s GSMS as well as high availability installs (HA).

    Transmission Billing

    This course provides training on how to use the PCI Transmission Billing System to manage the workflow for tariff based Transmission, as well as Grandfathered and Wholesale contracts.  Exercises will get users familiar with the billing process for:

    • Network Integrated Transmission Services
    • Point-to-Point Transmission Services
    • Grandfathered or Wholesale Billing based on custom calculations
    • CAISO EIM EESC Charge sub-allocation

    Extracting Data & Building Custom Reports

    This course will provide training on how use tasks to extend PCI software functionalities. Hands-on exercises will educate users on extracting data and creating custom reports using Data Sets, Excel Plug-in and PCI’s reporting database.

    Preparing for SPP Market for Mountain West Participants

    Many market participants in Mountain West are now preparing to enter the SPP Integrated Marketplace.  Key lessons-learned will be summarized. PCI will describe a typical “Day-in-the-Life” of SPP participants and use the PCI platform to walk-through the major workflows including:

    • Bid Submission
    • Portfolio Optimization
    • Outage Management
    • Deal Management
    • Settlement Validation
    • P&L Analysis
    • Month-End Closing

    New Market Overview: Mercado mayorista de México (MEM)

    This course provides training for market participants in the new Mexican Electricity Market (MEM). The class will cover key workflows for generation and qualified suppliers, including:

    • Creation of bids and offers
    • CENACE settlements
    • Management of bilateral contracts

    Note:  The course will be conducted in Spanish.

    Curso de capacitación práctica:
    Este curso se enfocará en el uso de las herramientas de PCI en el mercado mayorista de México, y está diseñado tanto para generadores como para suministradores. Los siguientes procesos de negocio serán cubiertos en la capacitación:

    • creación de ofertas de compra y venta de energía y servicios conexos en los mercados de corto plazo
    • Liquidaciones del CENACE
    • Extracción de datos para facturación y contabilidad
    • Administración de los contratos de cobertura

    Este curso se impartirá en idioma español.

    Back Office (ISO markets)

    This course covers how to use PCI’s Back-Office platform to:

    • Validate RTO settlement statements and invoices
    • Forecast settlements by next day
    • Manage settlement disputes
    • Build custom reports
    • Perform contract settlements and settlements allocation.

    Portfolio Optimization (Advanced)

    Learn how to use PCI GenTrader to:

    • Forecast physical and financial positions for generating resources in RTO markets
    • Perform co-optimization to forecast energy and ancillary service awards
    • Simulate RT market operations in 5-minute granularity
    • Optimize cascaded hydro operations
    • Optimize battery operations
  • 6:00PM

    6:00PM - 7:30PM


    Offsite Dining for Training Attendees and PCI Colleagues

  • 7:30AM

    7:30AM - 8:30AM


  • 8:30AM

    8:30AM - 10:00AM

    PCI Welcome

    Fred Lee – PCI Chief Executive Officer

    New PCI Initiatives & Road Map
    Jason Hebert & Javier Martin (PCI)

  • 10:00AM

    10:00AM - 10:30AM


  • 10:30AM

    10:30AM - 12:00PM

    Customer Presentations: Market Operations

    Using PCI Platform to Manage Bid-to-Bill, Outage Management, Portfolio Optimization and Deal Management Workflows in RTO Markets
    (Invited Speaker)

    Using PCI Platform to Manage Merchant & BA Workflows in the CAISO EIM Market
    (Invited Speaker)

    Experience with Using PCI Platform to Optimize Market Operations
    (Invited Speaker)

  • 12:00PM

    12:00PM - 1:00PM


  • 1:00PM

    1:00PM - 5:00PM


    Leaders from the following ISOs will discuss the latest market changes and developments.
    Khai Le – PCI Moderator

    • CAISO
    • ERCOT
    • ISO-NE
    • MISO
    • NYISO
    • PJM
    • SPP
    • MEM (Mexico )
  • 1:00PM

    1:00PM - 3:00PM

    Information Technology

    KCP&L Experience Achieving High Availability by Upgrading PCI Suite
    David Compton and Barron Oshima, KCPL

    Installer and High Availability Best Practices and Troubleshooting
    PCI’s Engineering Team will discuss tips for IT Administrators regarding GSMS upgrades and patches.

  • 1:00PM

    1:00PM - 3:00PM

    PCI Analytics

    Using PCI GenTrader to Optimize Generating Assets in RTO Markets
    (Invited Speaker)

    Using PCI GenTrader to Optimize Cascaded Hydro Operations
    (Invited Speaker)

    Using PCI GenTrader® to Simulate Operations of Generating Assets in RT Markets
    (Invited Speaker)

  • 3:00PM

    3:00PM - 3:30PM


  • 3:30PM

    3:30PM - 5:00PM

    PCI Energy Accounting

    Benefits of Using of PCI Energy Accounting System to Validate Meter Data
    (Invited Speaker)

    Using PCI Energy Accounting to Manage Meter Data for Multiple Balancing Authorities
    (Invited Speaker)

    Using PCI Energy Accounting to Validate Meter Data and Tie-Line Schedules for Electric Cooperatives
    (Invited Speaker)


  • 3:30PM

    3:30PM - 5:00PM

    Information Technology

    Installer and High Availability New Features
    PCI’s Engineering Team will discuss current and upcoming installer features.

    GSMS Best Practices for Maintaining PCI Systems
    PCI’s Engineering Team will discuss best practices for hardware, configuration, and upgrade workflows.

    GSMS Security
    PCI’s Engineering Team will discuss current and upcoming security features for IT Administrators.

  • 5:15PM

    5:15PM - 8:30PM

    Welcome Reception & Dinner

  • 7:30AM

    7:30AM - 8:30AM


  • 8:30AM

    8:30AM - 10:00AM

    Market Settlement

    Implementing 5-Minute Settlement in the MISO Market
    (Invited Speaker)

    Using PCI Transmission Billing Software to Generate Invoices for Transmission Customers in the Energy Imbalance Market
    (Invited Speaker)

    Using PCI Contract Settlements to Manage Invoices for Power Purchase and Tolling Agreements
    (Invited Speaker)

  • 10:00AM

    10:00AM - 10:30AM


  • 10:30AM

    10:30AM - 12:00PM

    Customer Presentations

    Using PCI P&L Analyzer to Provide Feedback to Front Office and Plant Personnel in SPP Market
    (Invited Speaker)

    Experience with PCI Back Office to Validate MISO Settlement
    (Invited Speaker)

    Benefits and Lessons Learned from Deploying PCI Energy Accounting to Validate Meter Data
    (Invited Speaker)

  • 12:00PM

    12:00PM - 1:30PM


  • 1:30PM

    1:30PM - 3:00PM

    Market Systems

    Implementation and Use of PCI Market Systems Software in SPP Market
    (Invited Speaker)

    Lessons Learned from CAISO EIM Go-Live
    (Invited Speaker)

    Improving Operations in PJM Market
    (Invited Speaker)

    Benefits of Using PCI P&L Analyzer to Improve Operations in SPP
    (Invited Speaker)


    Implementation and Use of PCI Tools for Asset Operations and Post Analysis
    (Invited Speaker)

    Experience Using PCI Asset Operations to Improve Plant Operations in CAISO EIM
    (Invited Speaker)

    Experience Using PCI Asset Operations to Manage Plant Operations in the SPP Market
    (Invited Speaker)

    Running PCI Post Analysis to Monitor KPIs
    (Invited Speaker)


    Delivering Change Through the PCI Development Pipeline Into Client Production
    PCI’s Engineering Team will provide insights to current and future development processes.

    PCI Release Processes and Versioning
    PCI’s Engineering Team will show recent and future changes for publishing releases, patches, and hot patches.

  • 3:00PM

    3:00PM - 3:30PM


  • 3:30PM

    3:30PM - 5:00PM


    Experience with Using PCI Back Office to Validate MISO Settlement and Perform Month-End Closing
    (Invited Speaker)

    Deploying PCI P&L Analyzer to Provide Market & Settlement Feedback
    Invited Speaker
    (Invited Speaker)


    Using PCI Contract Settlement to Manage Settlement for Tolling Agreements
    (Invited Speaker)

    Deploying PCI Gas Management
    (Invited Speaker)


    Understanding GSMS Logs and Performance Monitoring Utilities
    PCI’s Engineering Team will discuss info available in various logs, tools for viewing information, and tips for interpreting common patterns.

  • 5:00PM

    5:00PM - 7:00PM

    “Drinks & Demos”

    Join us for drinks and snacks while PCI experts walk you through all our software applications at individual demo stations.  See PCI solutions for:

    • Optimization
    • Business Intelligence
    • ETRM
    • Energy Accounting
    • ISO Front & Back Office
    • Asset Operations
    • Client Services and Hosted Solutions
  • 7:00PM

    7:00PM - 8:30PM

    Customer Appreciation Dinner

  • 8:00am

    8:00am - 9:00am


  • 9:00am

    9:00am - 10:00am

    Round Table 1

    PCI conference round tables afford our users the opportunity to give valuable product feedback and enhancement requests, review recently implemented product features and hear the road map for future development.  Round tables in this time slot include:

    • Front Office
    • Back Office
    • Energy Accounting
    • IT Platform
    • Analytics (Optimization, Analytics, DW, Reporting Database and Business Intelligence)
  • 10:15am

    10:15am - 11:15am

    Round Table 2

    • Full Outage Management
      Learn all about PCI’s comprehensive solution for outage workflow management covering T&D, as well as generation. PCI experts will review all system capabilities from initial outage planning to coordination with RTOs and Reliability Coordinators. The most recent and upcoming enhancements for the Outage Management platform will be covered.
    • Optimization
      Latest optimization developments for hydro/thermal technologies and the joint optimization of various resources. Long term, mid-term and short-term analytics will be covered).
    • Settlements
      Latest features of PCI GenManager for the settlement analyst
    • GenPortal: New Features
      Focused on IT administrators and developers
  • 11:30AM

    11:30AM - 12:30PM


  • 1:00PM

    1:00PM - 2:00PM

    • Deal Management & ETRM
      See the capabilities of the PCI’s ETRM platform for managing multiple commodities including power, gas and coal.
    • Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
      PCI will discuss and demonstrate our expanded DW/BI platform that includes several new analyzers that can be packaged together.  Experts will discuss and demo these new modules and product enhancements.
    • Energy Accounting
      Deep dive into new EA features associated with meter data management and meter data quality
    • Client Services & Account Management
      PCI will discuss services to better support our customers via both internal process changes and tools
  • 2:00PM

    2:00PM - 3:00PM

    “How To” Sessions

    • Deal Management
      Demonstrations and hands-on exercises will help you learn how PCI’s Deal Management application is applied to deal capture and scheduling
    • Post Analysis
      PCI will discuss and demonstrate analyzing operations through post analytics and update on how our customers are using KPIs to better overall performance and profitability
    • Transmission Operations
      Learn about upcoming Transmission Scheduling features and review all of PCI’s capabilities to support Balancing Authority activities within grid operations including:
      –  Managing Resource schedules
      –  Solving imbalance scenarios
      –  Monitoring resource sufficiency
      –  Calculating transmission limits and interchange schedules
  • 3:00PM

    3:00PM - 3:30PM

    Conference Recap


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