2019 PCI Infocus Conference

Marriott World Center Orlando, FL

PCI Product Training

(Tue) April 23

Infocus Conference

(Wed - Fri) April 24 - 26

Come meet PCI product and market experts along with industry colleagues from across North America to share experiences and insights around transformational events/trends shaping our industry. Hear impactful presentations from PCI, our clients and senior ISO representatives that deliver a wealth of actionable content your team can quickly deploy to enhance success.

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2019 InFocus Conference Topics

Come to InFocus and explore PCI's evolving solutions for any energy enterprise application. Experience firsthand the power of advanced performance within an easily scaled, integrated platform that can be deployed on-premise, or in the Cloud.

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Utility and power companies are increasingly taking advantage of PCI’s expanding capabilities designed to address the efficiencies they require in optimizing complex issues associated with energy storage, hydro, fuel logistics, and much more.

Gas Management

PCI has developed a common system for gas and power trading that is now deployed with numerous utilities managing more than 4 Bcfd of purchases in North America.

Visual Analytics

Users are in control and enabled with "Business Discovery" functionality that helps them quickly and easily obtain valuable operational insights throughout the entire PCI Platform.

Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM)

PCI Smart ETRM closes the gaps that have long existed between trading and scheduling. It considers fundamental shifts that have occurred in markets and industry trends which have significantly affected the ETRM landscape.

Market Solutions & The Future Grid

PCI’s Platform incorporates the "Future Grid" including its larger renewable resource portfolios, batteries and sub-hourly information, along with faster optimization requirements and decision-support systems.

Transmission Systems

More and more, transmission professionals are using PCI to help them streamline and automate their demanding software needs associated with operations, billing, energy accounting and outage management.

Asset Operations

Power plant and power marketing staff coordinate with each other using PCI’s unified system of applications designed to improve work processes and communications (both inter-company and with ISOs/RTOs).

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(Tue) April 23


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(Wed - Fri) April 24 - 26


Training + Conference

(Tue - Fri) April 23 - 26