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INFOCUS will feature 12 training courses and over 20 breakout sessions highlighting various topics that will be valuable for everyone. Attendees can expect to walk away with product and solution details that will apply to all users.

Day 1 – Monday, April 11


8:00am – 10:00am

Training Sessions

Hands-on training by PCI subject matter experts deepens the product knowledge and problem-solving skills of our users.

Portfolio Optimization 

PCI GenTrader® system overview, concepts, techniques, and application. Learn how to Use PCI GenTrader to: — Forecast DA positions for generating resources in RTO markets — Optimize cascaded hydro operations — Optimize battery operations 

PCI ETRM Suite (Power) 

This course covers the capabilities of the PCI ETRM Power suite to: 

  • Manage bilateral deals: deal capture, mark-to-market, counterparty credit, and contract settlement 
  •  Submit e-Tags  
  • Perform contract settlements 

PCI WEIN Suite (Merchant Group) 

This course will discuss how the PCI WEIM Suite can support the Bid-to-Bill workflow for Merchant groups in the WEIM market.  

  • Front-Office: Derive hourly balanced schedules, create Unit Energy Bids, and submit balanced schedules to CAISO 
  • Settlement Workflow: Cover the Settlement Workflow and explain how to validate key EIM charge codes. P&L Analysis: Compute P&L for generating resources 

PCI GenManager Front Office Suite (RTO Markets)

This course provides training on how to use PCI GenManager to support the RTO front-office functions:  

  • Create and submit unit offers for DA & RT Markets and demand bids  
  • Review RTO DA & RT awards (Energy, A/S)  
  • Monitor KPIs 

Energy Accounting 

This course provides training on how to use PCI Energy Accounting to:  

  • Validate meter data for resources, tie lines, and loads.  
  • Perform tie-line checkouts with neighboring BAs 
  • Compute loads  
  • Submit meter data to RTOs 

Building Custom Reports 

 The course will provide training on techniques to:  

  • Extract PCI data using PCI APIs, PCI DataSets, and PCI datamarts. 
  • Create custom reports using PCI DEU and PCI Excel plugin tools 

10:00am – Noon

Training Sessions Part 2

Hand-on training by PCI subject matter experts continues with addition courses.

PCI Forecasting Services using Machine Learning 

This course covers the capabilities of the PCI Machine-Learning Platform to forecast:  

  • Loads  
  • VER generation (Wind, Solar)  
  • LMPs 

PCI Gas-Management System Training 

This course will cover the capabilities of the PCI ETRM Gas-Management suite on how to:  

  • Manage front-office activities, such as forecasting gas burns and capturing gas deals 
  • Manage scheduling activities, such as making pipeline reservations and managing gas positions 
  • Manage back-office tasks, such as validating invoices, and paying gas invoices.

PCI Transmission Solutions 

This course provides training on how to use the PCI Transmission Solutions to perform BA real-time scheduling workflows and operations in the WEIM, settle transmission services with customers and owners of transmission facilities. 

  •  ECC Operations: Derive ramped control numbers from E-tags, manage emergency schedules, real-time tie-line checkouts, perform before-the-fact and after-the-fact tag adjustments. 
  • Control Room Visualization: Transmission Home Page, NSI monitoring, renewable forecast trending, Load forecast, and actual comparison — WEIM Operations: Interchange base scheduling, ETSR Dynamic Limit, and Intertie Constraint Limit management Balancing and CAISO Resource Sufficiency Evaluation 
  • Settlement Workflow: EIM entity settlement, charge code sub-allocation, and customer billing, General Ledger interfaces  
  • Transmission Billing: calculate charges and invoice NITS, PTP, and GFA contracts, settles jointly owned transmission facilities

PCI GenManager (Back Office Suite) 

This course provides Hands-On Training on how to use the PCI Back-Office suite to:  

  • Validate RTO settlement statements and invoices  
  • Forecast settlements by next day  
  • Provide documentation to support settlement disputes  
  • Build custom reports 
  • Perform settlements allocation  
  • Close month-end book 

    Outage Management 

    Using PCI Outage Management to Manage:  

    • Generation outages 
    • Transmission outages
    • GADS & TADS workflow 

      PCI System Administration

      This course provides IT tips and techniques to maintain the PCI Platform. 


      1:00PM – 5:15PM

      General & Breakout Sessions

      General meetings feature presentations led by PCI product managers and software users. Experiences will be shared relative to market preparedness/go-lives, solution success stories, new product functionality, and the impact of significant energy industry trends.
      • Welcome 
      • CEO Remarks 
      • Summary of crucial PCI accomplishments, Initiatives, and Product Roadmap 
      • Using PCI ETRM System to Maximize Benefits for your Power & Fuel Portfolio 
      • Lessons Learned from Deploying PCI WEIM Platform to Automate Merchant & BA Workflows 
      • Latest Advances in PCI GenTrader to Maximize Portfolio Optimization Benefits 

        6:00PM – 8:30PM

        Offsite Activity

        Details coming soon.

        Day 2 – Tuesday, April 12


        8:00am - 4:00pm

        General & Breakout Sessions

        Smaller group sessions, panel discussions and roundtables provide additional thought-sharing between PCI experts and you. These forums offer PCI clients the chance to ask questions, give feedback and convey lessons learned.
        • Experience with Implementing PCI Energy Accounting to Validate Meter Data for Resources, Loads, and Tie Lines 
        • Using Data Analytics and Machine Learning to Improve Operational Efficiencies 
        • RTO Panel Session  
        • GenTrader  
        • ETRM Front Office 
        • Energy Accounting  
        • IT  
        • RTO Back Office  
        • WEIM Transmission Operations  
        • BI Analytics & Reporting  
        • SEEM Market  
        • ETRM Gas Management  
        • Transmission Billing 

            5:00pm - 5:45pm

            Drinks & Demos

            The evening will feature the popular “Drinks & Demos” event.


            6:00pm - 8:00pm

            Appreciation Dinner

            Join us as we appreciate you, our clients.

            Day 3 – Wednesday, April 13


            8:00am - Noon

            General Session

            The conference will wrap up with a general session recap & closing.
            • PCI Road Map for Improving IT Infrastructure 
            • Using PCI TransOps to Automate Transmission Operations 
            • PCI Training 
            • PCI Support  
            • Recap & Closeout 

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